Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last Day of Summer

My 6th year of teaching has officially started!  We started with a few teacher days last week and will start seeing kids on Monday.  I'm looking forward to this school year but I'm sad to see the summer end.  I've really enjoyed spending time with Nola and getting some stuff done around the house napping.  I wanted to start a tradition with Nola so Robert took a day off work and we spent my last day of summer together as a family.  We went to Lincoln and spent the morning at the Children's Museum.  I've never been and wasn't sure what to expect.  It was awesome!  There were different rooms set up as local grocery stores, banks and stores.  There was also a space area, farm area, water area and much, much more.  Nola had a blast.  So did Robert.  Get ready for lots of pictures....

Hanging out in the 3 and under area.  It had games for toddlers and a tree house that Nola loved.

Sam and Louie's employee.

Riding a horse in the Farm area.

Grocery shopping at Hy-vee

Father/Daughter time on the Lunar Rover.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  Nola's favorite because of the steering-wheels.

In the kitchen.

Her favorite part- the water room.

Nola was sooooo good the whole morning.  She was so excited.  We will defiantly be going back.  I think it will be even more fun for her as she gets older.  We spent the rest of the day running errands and had a nice dinner.  The next day I went to school and Nola went back to daycare.

When Robert dropped her off at daycare he said she immediately started giving hugs to all the kids.  That makes me feel a little better about going back to school!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Chairs for boys

It's the last week of summer!??!??  That seems impossible.  Instead of completing anything on my summer to do list I'm using my last week to paint a doll house, relax and do a little bit of shopping.  Since there is nothing exciting to report I'm sharing two chairs I painted a couple of years ago.

The first was for my college roommate when she was pregnant with her first son.  Kaley wanted a unisex chair so she could use it for her son and any other children she might have in the future.  I decided on a nursery rhyme theme.  After learning the nursery would be farm theme I decided on Hey Diddle Diddle.

The stars have "Dad" and "Mom" written in them.  After her son was born I added his name thinking that she could add names of other children along the way.

I think the dish and spoon are my favorite part!

Me and Kaley at her baby shower.

Kaley's sister loved the chair so much that she wanted one for her son.  I was happy to paint one for her and decided on a planes and trains theme.  Even though I've painted several chairs since then, Caden's chair remains one of my favorites.

Two cute chairs for one of my favorite families!