Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Christmas 2016

Our Christmas card and a family picture in front of a fancy tree :)

Nola and Turk got to meet Santa in Lincoln at the beginning of December.  We weren't planning on it, but my parents were in town for Turk's birthday so we went to an outdoor mall and there he was!  They had a little house and the inside was all decorated.  Mrs. Clause was there too and a couple of elves.  And the best part?!?!?  Nola wasn't scared!  It took her a few minutes to warm up, but then she was totally fine with it.  Turk did great too!  Santa on the other hand......

He just looks a little surprised?  I'm not sure why, his only job that day was to get his picture taken.

We celebrated with Robert's family on Christmas Eve.  They came up to our house and we had dinner and opened presents.  For some reason I didn't take any pictures?!?!

Nola spent most of the night asking when dinner was, if we were done eating dinner, and when she could open her present.  She was very interested in the presents.  She was excited!  She got a kid's digital camera which was really fun.  She's enjoyed taking pictures, but we've had to have a conversation about when it is and isn't appropriate to take pictures of Mom- she almost got one of me in the shower!

Christmas morning she slept until 9, what 5 year old does that?!?  We struggled with what to get her because she really wanted a Hatchimal but they were so hard to get!  I couldn't believe it when Robert came home with one 2 days before Christmas!  He tracked one down on a Facebook and didn't even have to pay much more than retail!  Nola was so excited when she opened it.  We watched it hatch that day and she hasn't touched it since.  I kind of figured that would be the case, but I'm still glad Santa got it for her!

Nola helped Turk open his presents.  He actually had quite a few because Nola and I wrapped up some of her old toys to give him.  We did stockings and spent the rest of the day hanging out.  It was nice to be home and not have to drive on Christmas day.  It gave us time to clean up before bringing the next batch of presents home