Monday, November 23, 2015

One crazy week

Last week started with some sad news as I found out my Great Uncle passed away and ended with a trip to the ER. I was able to scramble and take Thursday and Friday off to go to the memorial in Kansas City.  I was so glad I was able to go and see family.  Robert and Nola came too and one of them kept several people entertained during lunch.  

Nola loves Old Buddy and ran and gave him a hug as soon as she saw him.  They spent time together after lunch and I think they were both entertained. 

She also enjoyed spending time with FA.  Especially after lunch when she took her to Build-a-Bear for a late birthday present.

It was nice to celebrate Elvin and to see family.  

We got home Friday and had the rest of the weekend to work on the house, I'm slowly turning the guest room into the nursery.  Robert and I were doing dishes after dinner Sunday night when we heard Nola screaming.  I ran to her room and she told me she swallowed a diamond.  Um..... what?!?!?  It was pretty obvious that she swallowed something, I had never heard her scream like that.  We quickly got her dressed and drove to the Emergency Room.  

Here's where I want to give a shout out to small town USA.  We were in and out of the David City ER in less than 45 minutes.  That included having the on-call doctor come to the hospital from his house.  On a Sunday night.  Seriously, small towns are pretty amazing. 

We got checked in and checked out by the doctor.  The doctor asked a lot of question about what she swallowed and Nola did a pretty good job of answering him.  She said it was small, from a necklace, was purple, and when she swallowed it she was on her chair.  Everyone seemed to come to the same conclusion- although we didn't know what she swallowed, it was probably from a toy and probably plastic.  An x-ray wouldn't show it and she wasn't in pain so we just needed to let it pass through her system.  So that's what we're going to do.  

Nola was so scared through this whole ordeal.  She was shaking as she was sitting on the hospital bed.  It was so sad, but she now seems to understand that nothing goes in your mouth except for food!! When we got back to the house we found a purple necklace sitting on her chair with a plastic clasp.  One half of the clasp was missing and when I asked her about it she said, "I don't want to talk about it." 


It was our first trip to the ER and our first really scary parent experience.  Thankfully, we're all feeling better now and anxiously awaiting the "arrival" of a "diamond" in the next 72 hours. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween and a little bit of birthday

We had some visitors for Halloween!  Gramcy and Boca came up to celebrate Nola's birthday, go trick-or-treating, and give us the night off.  On Friday Rob and I went to Omaha and enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants then fell asleep by 10 at the hotel.  It sounds so boring, but it was pretty amazing!

When we got home Nola opened presents and we did some fun Halloween stuff.

We decorated Halloween cookies.

And we carved pumpkins!

While we were carving, a group of kids went trick-or-treating next door.  Nola saw them and decided it was time to put her costume on.  She got a lot of great dress up stuff for her birthday so she was going back and forth about what she wanted to be.  She settled on her first choice, Princess Aurora. 

We went to our neighbor's house first, then convinced her to eat dinner before we went out again. 

Our neighbor, Tina

Gramcy, Robert, and I took Nola around town while Boca watched the Royals game.  Nola was so excited (and a little scared) the whole time.  After about an hour she was ready to go back and count her candy!  I was thankful that she was ready to be done and didn't put up a fight.  

And of course, Nola tweeted about her fun weekend.

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