Wednesday, October 16, 2013

9 Week Recap

For the last 9 weeks we've been busy, busy, BUSY!  I spent all of my time at school or softball.  The little time I got to spend with Nola was not enough, but now that softball is over I'm excited to spend my weekends with this cutie:

Rather then writing out a bunch of stories to catch you up on the last few weeks I'm just going to do a photo dump.  Hold on tight, here comes a lot of pictures of an (almost) two year old!

She loves flipping through an empty photo book.

Mother/daughter photo shoot.

We've already used a sick day!  Luckily, she felt better quickly.

Loving the samples at Sam's

This picture is moving.  New feature in Blogger?  

Second haircut, a cute little bob.

I'm loving these GIFs!  She is the cutest!

The JV softball team after our last game, we won 12-9.

The back of our oven.  We are on week 3 without a range!!  It's getting fixed on Friday... hopefully!

Driving back from our weekend spent with family in Wichita.  Post on that coming soon!

We've got a big day coming up- Nola hits the big 0-2 on Friday!