Friday, February 26, 2016

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty low-key this year.  I had a four day weekend and had big plans to make Valentine's with Nola on Friday.  I picked out a few cute ones on Pinterest involving hand and/or footprints.  I had dreams of Turk sleeping in the swing while Nola and I crafted and laughed at the kitchen table.  After an hour battle to get Nola to leave Turk alone so he would sleep I got out some craft supplies and cut out some hearts.  My plan was to get Nola to put her handprints in the hearts and have her write her name.  Her plan was to rip the hearts in half and go back to her room.  That was the end of our crafting :(

Nola has been obsessed with these little princesses that are conveniently located at kids height in the checkout aisles of Walmart.  She has a few of them so I picked one up for her for Valentine's Day along with some princess socks and heart shaped brownies.  She was excited about all of them.

I also wrapped up some Swiss Cake Rolls for Robert.  He was also excited.

Later that day I finally convinced Nola to craft with me.  She still wouldn't participate in my Pinterest dreams, but she did paint her hand.  We made "Valentine's" for family (I still haven't sent them) and a few pictures.  She even tried to give one to the cable guy that came to look at our TV the next day.

Look at that face!  It's crazy to think about how many people love her, but be careful.... she'll literally rip your heart up.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Snow Days!

We had a big snowstorm a couple of weeks ago! We had been hearing about it for a week prior so everyone was pretty anxious to see if we would get the 8+ inches predicted. The snow was suppose to start late Monday night. At the beginning of the last class of the day on Monday the principal came on the intercom and said school had been cancelled for Tuesday. Our district doesn't get snow days very often and when we do they get called in the morning, so it was pretty unexpected! When we woke up Tuesday everything was white and it didn't stop until that evening. We got some stuff done around the house but mostly just relaxed with the kids.

At 6 o'clock Tuesday night I got a phone call- another snow day!! The snow has stopped so Nola and I spent some time outside on Wednesday. There were a lot of drifts around our house. We had fun climbing up them and rolling down. At one point I fell through some snow and twisted my ankle... getting old sucks. Nola and I made snow angels and some pretty pathetic looking snowmen with a kit my mom got her last Christmas. We also made a fort, a castle, and threw some snowballs.  Her favorite part was eating the snow and making me roll around with her.

We were out there for quite a while. When we came back inside we made some hot chocolate.  It was too hot so I put some snow in it and Nola thought that was the coolest thing in the world. She had so much fun but it didn't tire her out as much as I thought it would :)

We ended up with 11 inches and were back at school on Thursday.  It was a nice little break!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

2 months

Turk is two months old!  He had his check up/vaccinations last week. He's up to 14 pounds 1.5 ounces. When he was born he was in the 70th percentile for everything but now he's in the 90th.  

I could tell he was growing a lot so I wasn't surprised. He's still a pretty good sleeper and eater. I was pretty excited the other night when he slept for 6 hours straight but I'm starting to think that was a fluke :)

He sleeps in 4 hour stretches, eats for about 20 minutes then goes back to sleep. He's in his crib about half the time and in our room the other half. Nola on the other hand has been a permanent fixture on our bedroom floor since Turk was born. She says she's scared to sleep in her room, but I think it has something to do with the new baby. I was scared a lot as a kid (and now even) so I understand where she is coming from. It's hard to be mad when I'm the one she got that trait from. Speaking of Nola, she is so loving being a big sister. She loves to look at him and hug him. She always wants to know where he is. She screams when he smiles, which is a lot! He seems to smile the most for her!

I went back to work a few weeks ago.  It hasn't been that bad.  The first day back was kind of fun because people seemed to miss me.  Now that I've figured my classes out it seems like I've never left!

Turk is going to the same daycare as Nola and Nola loves having him there.  The other day she asked to hold him because she's not allowed to hold him at daycare.  That made me happy, I'm glad to know he's not being passed around by a bunch of four year olds!

Overall, month two has been pretty uneventful.  He's still the cutest and I'm still tired! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Basketball game

Every year the basketball Intramural Champs take on the teachers as a fundraiser.  Every year I play.  And every year I wonder why...

This year we played the same team we played two years ago.  We beat them when they were Sophomores, but we knew they'd be harder to beat this year.  We didn't have some of our better players because they had "appointments".  At first we only had 5 players, 1 had nevered played basketball before!  We managed to talk 2 more people into playing, but still- 
not. enough. subs.

In the end, we lost.  It was 0-6 them after the first quarter and didn't get much better after that.  A new teacher scored most of our points, but I did manage to score one basket.  I missed 2 free throws, but at least I scored one basket :)

Robert brought the kids and even though he didn't say it out loud, I could tell he was impressed with my skills.

It was a blast and no one got hurt, so overall it was a success!  
Go Staff Infection!  
I'm still working on our team name.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Turk's room

I'm finally done with the nursery!  I had a hard time with this room.  I normally get a vision right away and just go with it, but my visions are pretty girly.  Since I knew we were having a boy I had to work a little slower and ended up questioning myself a lot (at one time there were 4 different curtain panels hanging on the rods!).  I also wanted to try and use things we already had and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping the cost down.

When we bought the house the room was still very much stuck in the 70's.

Then, for the last 6 years is was a fun and bright guest room.

And now it's home to an aborable little boy.

The first thing I did was pick the bedding.  I found it on etsy and really liked that it was "boyish" but had lots of colors.  

After I picked the bedding I originally wanted to paint the room navy but when I started picking out colors I found a grey/brown that I really liked.  Then I had vision of gold pin stripes but was too pregnant to deal with that, so I turned the stripes into arrows- much easier to measure.  Robert even likes it, he says it reminds him of Back to the Future.  Win win!

And then I found the deer.  The amazing, wicker, deer.

I found it at Target, on sale.  Robert hated it.  I needed a little reassurance that I wasn't crazy so I sent a picture to a friend and my sister.   I didn't realize that the picture failed to send so while I was standing in line I sent them a frantic text.  It said something like- YOU'RE LACK OF RESPONSE MAKES ME THINK THAT A WICKER DEER HEAD IS A BAD IDEA!?!?!  They had no idea what I was talking about.  It was a very confusing Saturday morning for them, but the whole mix up had me laughing to the point of tears in the Target aisle.  The cashier asked me if I was ok.  Apparently a pregnant lady crying is cause for concern?

Anyway, I bought the deer and even though Robert suggested that it might go "missing" several times, it survived to be spray painted and hung in the nursery with some knobs/hooks that I found at Hobby Lobby.   

A few people asked me what the "theme" of the nursery was going to be.  I said, "cute".  I'm not really a theme kind of gal but with the arrows on the bedding, wall, and the deer head is started to get a little hunter-y.  I've never hunted and have no strong feelings towards hunting.  If someone walks in a says it's a hunting theme, so be it.  It's also cute. 

My mom sewed the bumpers and added some of the bedding fabric to the curtains that were already in the room, I think it helped pull the colors together. 

I found a lady on etsy that makes cute wall decor out of palettes, so I had one made for Turk.

Finally, I wanted Nola to have a part in his room.  So, a couple of weeks before he was born I bought a drop cloth and taped off the word "LOVED" then let her go to town.  

Honestly, it was a stressful afternoon for me.  I was trying to straddle the line between letting her do her own thing and making it look nice.  We worked in layers, color by color.  The last thing we did was added her hand prints in gold.  She did a great job and I love the way it turned out.  I had an old frame from a drawing I did in college so the whole thing was less than 10 bucks! 

Turk- I hope you enjoy your room and know that you are LOVED!