Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Go Red (and zebra) For Women

This was my second year participating in the Go Red for Women event in Columbus. Both years I've contributed by donating a custom piece of hand painted furniture to the silent auction. Last year I painted this chair for the winner. This years winner wanted a rocking chair to match her daughters zebra and hot pink room.

She didn't want a name on it so both daughters could enjoy it.  She chose a quote that was a little more grown up.  I thought it was a good one because I think it's inspiring for a young girl.

I did something different with this chair- I added a little flare! I hot glued some trim around the bottom of the seat.

I really liked the way it looked. Plus, if she hated it she could just pull it off.  I actually liked it so much that I added some flare to Nola's chair too.

Nola loves it but I'm not sure how the auction winner felt about her chair.  When I dropped it off yesterday she wasn't there. Her husband took it for her and didn't say much about.  I'm just going to assume she loved it so much that her fingers fell off.  That's probably why she didn't text me to tell me how much she loved it. :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hanging out with Kellen

Summer has started!!  Nola and I have loved our time together.  We have traveled around quite a bit.  We took a trip to Aurora to visit my college roommate who just had her second boy.  Her oldest son, Kellen, is eight months older than Nola.  They've met a few times but never really interacted until our visit last week.  They were pretty cute together and I think they loved each other even if Kellen pushed her down a couple of times.

Kellen said something and Nola thought it was HILARIOUS.  Or maybe she just knows that laughing at a mans joke will score major points?

It worked.  Nola has game.  Kellen was even checking her out during their rest break.

The lighting outside was perfect for pictures so I took a ton.  Here are a few more cute ones-

And a funny face-

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spring Art Show

The art show was this week and it turned out great but it made for a really busy week. Add interviews for a new teacher and seniors last day to the mix and I was dragggging by Wednesday. As I'm typing this I had to remind myself that today is only Thursday. Ugh. I'm 8 days away from a three month vacation so I probably shouldn't complain :). Enjoy a few pictures from the show: