Friday, July 31, 2015


My husband has a computer repair business and wanted some chairs for his office.  I offered to paint some old chairs he had lying around with his logo.  Now he has some new art that he can sit on!

If you are interested in getting something custom painted, visit for details and pricing. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Fair time!

July= Fairs.  I never went to our local fairs before Nola was born, but I think it will be a yearly occurrence now that a kid (soon to be kids) are involved.  She was much braver this year than she was last year.  She loved the rides and threw a fit when we left.  She also played a few games!  The Platte County Fair is in Columbus.

The Butler County Fair was two weeks later and it's right behind our house!  We watch the fireworks on our couch :)

The parade was on Sunday.  She said she didn't want to go, but we made her (I deserve a mother-of-the-year award because it was HOT!).  She quickly remembered why she loves parades so much- CANDY!!!

Now's a good time to mention that Nola dresses herself now.  Pants in 100% heat, miss-match socks, and shorts under dresses.  Whatever, she's still cute. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week with Boca and Gramcy

Nola got to spend a week with my parents in Wichita.  She had a blast and did so many fun things!  Luckily, she tweeted about it so I could follow along:

She swam a lot, went to a movie, a trampoline park, played in my mom's classroom, went to a science museum, played dress up, went to the park and lots of other fun stuff.

While she was having fun, Rob and I were enjoying some kid-free time.  We went to dinner and a movie.  I had softball camp and Rob went to work so it wasn't a lot of downtime, but it was nice not to have to fight the bedtime battle every night.  I got some painting done- one project for a friend and started painting the nursery!


It was a nice break, but I was excited to get her back.  This is my last full week of summer, I go back to school next Thursday!  It's crazy how fast time is flying!  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Minnesota Vacay

My parents rented a house in Minneapolis for a week.  Our whole family was able to make it up there to spend time together, celebrate the 4th, and laugh a lot. 

Day 1- Food truck fair, splash pad.  We weren't super prepared for the splash pad so Nola was the only kid there without a swim suit.  Most of us were wet by the time we left. 

Day 2- Mall of America, swimming, movie.  Dad and Nola went to the Aquarium while the girls shopped.  Somebody had a meltdown when she found out Build-a-Bear was closed that day- they were moving locations.  So, we took her to the Disney Store.  She tried on a dress, but we didn't buy it.  It wasn't her favorite day. 

Day 3- Build-a-Bear with FA, Buca, swimming.  FA took Nola to BAB as a special treat since it was closed the day before.  Nola was so excited and apparently knew exactly what to do.  If you ask her what her favorite day was, she always says Build-a-Bear. 

Nola helping Gramcy make Moscow Mules.

Day 4- Children's Museum, Casino, Airport.  Nola loved the Children's Museum.  We were told it was really good, and it was, but I think the one in Lincoln is better.  The rest of the family was flying in late that night so Rob, Sara, and I decided to waste some time at the casino near the airport.  Sadly, they didn't have craps, my new favorite game.  So, we played some slots and I ended up winning my money back on the way out of the casino.  If you're down,  just ask the machine nicely for your $80 back.  It worked for me! 

Day 5- BOAT!  I forgot how much fun a boat is.  It was a nice relaxing day. 

Day 6- Boys went to a stadium tour, girls went shopping! We shopped some local boutiques, they were cute.  My siblings ran in a 5k that night and they all survived!  Good job guys. 

Pretending to be a mannequin.

Day 7- Indeed brew tour, horse races.  The brew tour was long and I'm not really into beer.  There were 6 of us.  I couldn't drink because I'm pregnant, Robert doesn't drink and Jessica doesn't like beer.  So, the other three had a lot of free samples.  After the tour we sat around and laughed a lot and played with the selfie stick.  The horse races were fun.  The space was awesome, there were free hotdogs because it was the 4th, and we learned how to bet!

Day 8- Headed home.

We made a lot of great memories.  We took turns cooking dinner and played different games every night.  Nola was obsessed with John, as usual, so with him and my parents around I got a little bit of a break. 

 It was a fun time!  Can't wait til the next family vacay!