Sunday, April 27, 2014

Easter 2014

We got to spend Easter weekend with everyone I love!  My whole family was together for a few days in Wichita and then we spend Easter night with Robert's family in Lincoln.  When my family gets together we always have a lot of fun and I take A LOT of pictures.  Nola loved all of her Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and extra attention.  

On Monday we were still in Lincoln and Nola and I spent the day shopping.  It was so much fun.  She is growing so much.  She tried on several pairs of shoes at my favorite shoe store and managed to talk me into buying a copy of Frozen at Sams- that's a whole other post.  Let's just say "Love is an open dooooooooooooooooooor" has been stuck in my head for 4 days.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Variety Show 2014

For the last few years we've had a Staff vs. Students Variety Show.  We put together a few skits/performances that make us look like idiots and the students show off their talent.  We have never won...  and we never should.  It's always fun and that's what matters!  This year I made a #hashtag video, a selfie video and we did two skits live.  In one of them three of us fought over a cute new English teacher while "Call Me Maybe" played.  

Students loved this one because they think he is just the cutest thing ever.

Our last skit was my favorite because I got to use my karaoke skills.  We had the judges come up on stage and did a parody of The Voice.  They were told to turn around if they heard something good.  What the audience didn't know was that we told them backstage not to turn around until the last act.  One of the students' favorite subs is an 80 year old former choir teacher so we wanted her to be the big finale.  Maggie and I sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart."  We played up the "TURN AROUND" part.

We rocked it.  I know they would have turned around if they could :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My friend and Ikea cohort, Libbi, was in Omaha visiting family last week.  We got to meet her for dinner one night.  She has a little girl who is only 6 days older than Nola and I was really excited to see them together!  We had a great time and the girls LOVED each other.  I hope we can get them together this summer so they can play and we can drink hangout.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bacon Fest

Last weekend we went to the first ever Bacon Fest in Columbus.

  We walked in and saw a friend of ours dressed in a pig costume.  Nola was not happy about that.  It was the clown incident all over again.  Eventually, she calmed down and started playing in the kids area.  She really enjoyed pig plinko and the bean bag toss.

Then she found the treasure dig.  We recently discovered her love for sand so I was nervous that she might jump into the sand instead of stay on the outside and dig. 

 Every time I turned around she got closer and closer to jumping in.  Then she just went for it. 

She was a mess, but it was fun.  There were vendors from different restaurants there that each had different bacon treats.  They were all delicious!  It was a fun day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

That's what she said.

Me: What did you do today?
Nola: Talked to Gabby and Nixon.
Me: What did you guys talk about?
Nola: Shit.

Me: Nola, you can't do that.
Nola: Mommy, you're being mean to me.

Me:  Do you want to go down the slide?
Nola: No.
Me:  It will be fun.
Nola: I'm not fun.

Boy at park: What's your name?
Nola: Nola. Nola Jane.

Nola: My tummy hurts.
Me: What do you do when your tummy hurts?
Nola: Eat cookies!!

Nola: I have something in my butt
Me: What do you have in your butt?
Nola: Poopies

Rob: Yawns
Nola: You're pretty tired daddy?
Rob: I am pretty tired
Nola: Do you want to go in my crib?

I took Nola's chair to use as an example in an auction. She walked over to where it normally sits and said, "My chair's not home yet."