Sunday, December 11, 2016


I'm so thankful for these people!!!

It's so hard to get a good picture with a 5 year old and a turkey.

We spent Thanksgiving in Lincoln and celebrated with Robert's family.  They rented a hotel room which worked out well because Nola wasn't feeling great.  She was sick all day on Wednesday- she slept all day- then on Thursday she was still pretty tired.  She spent most of the dinner laying in the hotel bed but seemed to feel better that night. 

Turk loved the mac and cheese.  I just think it's so funny to watch babies eat.  At one point he was trying to eat macaroni off of his wrist, he was just trying to get it in his mouth as fast as possible.  He's pretty cute.

I had to take advantage of the turkey costume.  Nola helped me set the table and keep him still so that  we could get some pictures.


We stayed the night in Lincoln and did some Black Friday shopping!  It was a nice little break!

Now it's on to December... a month of birthdays, anniversaries, the end of a semester and CHRISTMAS!!