Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boca & Gramcy

My parents came to town last weekend to spend time with me Nola.  Nola loves Grandpa (she calls him Boca) and Gramcy.  

Let's eat Grandpa!  Let's eat, Grandpa.  
Punctuation saves lives.

My Mom brought Nola's Halloween costume with her.  When my twin sister and I were 18 months old my Mom made us dinosaur costumes.  My younger sister and brother also wore them when they were little.  This year, Nola is going to be a dinosaur just like her Mom, Aunts and Uncle!  She liked it?

Well, she got use to it.

She is going to be the cutest dinosaur ever!!  

Mom and Dad were nice enough to hang out with Nola at the house while Robert and I worked in Lincoln (me at a softball tournament, Rob at the office) and then went and saw a movie.  It was nice to have a break.  

They also mentioned something about buying us a shed but I haven't heard anything else about that.....

Love you Mom and Dad!  

Day at the zoo

A few weeks ago my brother and his girlfriend were in Omaha.  We met them at the zoo and had a great time!  Nola LOVES her Uncle Kyle.  When she sees a picture of him she actually says "Uncle Kyle!!"  It's cute, and I think Kyle really likes it too.

Uncle Kyle even got some kisses.

If Uncle Kyle wasn't holding her then she wanted to be held by Allegra.  Thankfully, Allegra loves kids and was happy to show her around the zoo.

They were pretty cute together.  Did you notice Nola's shoes?  Before we left for the zoo I tried on some cute wedges that her Aunt Cathy got her.  She already had socks on so I slipped them on over her socks to see what they looked like.  She wouldn't take them off.  All day.  She wore socks with peep toe wedges.  Fashion faux pas.

We had a great day!  The zoo was fun and the company was awesome!