Thursday, June 30, 2016


I turned 32 last week!  The day of was pretty uneventful- took Nola to gymnastics and went swimming.  Robert brought home THREE cakes from Nothing Bunt Cakes.  They were the size of cupcakes and he bought three so each of us could have one..... um no.  I generously let Rob eat one and Nola never knew they existed.  Two bunt cakes for me!!

We found a babysitter in town and went up to Columbus last weekend to celebrate with some friends!  It was a good time... and we took out the selfie stick!

The pictures aren't great, but the company was!  Bring on year 32!!!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Father's Day

Father's Day was last weekend and we celebrated a great father!!  We went to Columbus on Saturday to take Nola bowling.  It turned into dinner and bowling and some time in the arcade.  Robert and Nola bowled while Turk and I watched.  Nola was winning until Rob got a strike in the last frame!

I told them to pose for a picture.  Nola was really into it. 

On Sunday Robert did Father things, like mowed the lawn.  We also worked on the bathroom a bit and went swimming.  I had some shirts made that look like Rob's work shirts for the kids.  I made a bunch of different sizes so they have one that fits for a while!  There was some drama with the shirt lady and they aren't exactly correct, but they are pretty cute!

We did a little fashion shoot.  As you can imagine, with 2 kids we got a few funny ones!

He's so cute I can't even handle it. 

Happy Father's day Robert!  We love you!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer to do list

One of my favorite posts to write is the annual summer to do list.  It all started my first summer after I started teaching.  I got to school in August and felt like a wasted all of my time off!  Since then I've made a list (2013, 2014, 2015) so that I feel like I've accomplished something in my 3 months off.  My list looks a little different this year with two kids, but I still have a few things to conquer! 

Side note: While pulling up pervious lists to link I've noticed that some of these things have been on my list for the last 3 years.  Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Why this might happen: It has to.  I have two 8 week classes happening at the same time, then two 4 week classes (back to back) in the Fall and then I'M DONE!!!!

Why this might not happen: It will!  Even if I have to do homework in the middle of the night! 

2.  BATHROOM (deja vu, vu)

Why this might happen: This is the year!  Maybe?!?!

Why this might not happen: I know the toilet and sink will be in soon, but getting the shower done this summer is still up in the air.  We'll need a few kid-free days.... any takers???

Why this might happen:  I haven't painted a lot in the last year, I was too busy with being pregnant/getting the nursery done and my Masters.  Honestly, I'm not sure I'll be painting as much as I have been in the past.  I'd rather hang out with the kids!  But, I do have a LARGE armoire that I've been commissioned to paint and a small child's chair that is for the 1st birthday of a baby that isn't even born yet, so I'm hoping I can get the armoire done?

Why this might not happen: Kids!  It's pretty much impossible to paint with the kids in the house so I'll have to find a day or two when they can hang out with Grandma and Grandpa.

4.  BLURB BOOKS--- is this list looking familiar yet?!?!?
Why this might happen:  I finished the first one!!!  I just got it in the mail and it is AMAZING.  It took me FOREVER (5 years.  That's like 1.5 bathroom remodels!!) but it's done.  And most of that time was making page layouts that I liked and adding design details.  I made a copy of the one I finished so for the next one, and all of the books after that, I'm just going to move the pages around and add different photos.  Plus,  I started the blog in February of the year I'm starting on so I'll just be copy and pasting!!  It should go a lot faster!?!?

Why this might not happen:  Homework.  My plan is to get my weekly homework done during nap time by Wednesday each week so I can work on the book Thursday and Friday.  We'll see!

Why this might happen:  Okay, this is a weird one.  But any lady with short hair will tell you that you can't just wake up and go to the store.  If I'm showered and ready to go in the morning then there's more of a chance that I'll get out of the house that day.

Why this might not happen:  Lazy days?  Maybe a few days I'll wake up and my hair will look perfect!?

Why this might happen:  Nola is signed up for a bunch of stuff this summer.  Princess Ballet on Tuesdays, Gymnastics on Wednesdays, and T-ball on Thursdays.  I also want to try to get her into swimming lessons sometime this summer.

Why this might not happen:  It will, it's already paid for :)

Why this might happen:  We have smaller stuff on our list, like cleaning out closets and having the guy that did our baseboard come back and replace our doors, so I think those could get done.  There's some bigger stuff too, like the kitchen.  The same guy does counter tops so I'm trying to convince Robert to get new counters/sink installed so that we paint whenever time allows without worrying about the counters.

Why this might not happen:  Not all of it will, but I can always add it to next year's list!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I officiated another wedding!  A co-worker asked me to officiate her wedding before Nola was born so I got ordained online.  Last summer 2 friends/co-workers of mine got engaged and asked me to officiate for them, I couldn't say no! 

The kids were still in Wichita with my parents so Robert and I got to go to Lincoln by ourselves and enjoy the festivities!  I had to run the rehearsal on Friday night then we went to the rehearsal dinner at Old Chicago.  It was delicious and a lot of fun! 

The wedding was in a church and the reception was in the train station downtown.  They were both beautiful!  I was super nervous for the wedding but it went really well.  You could feel the love in the room and that helped calm me down.

After the ceremony we got to ride the party bus- my first time.  We were drove to a few places so that the wedding party could get pictures done.  

We took advantage of some of the beautiful backdrops.

The party bus pulled up to the reception and then the party started!  Dinner was Valentino's pizza so Robert was in heaven.

The Columbus crew (top) and the business teachers (bottom).  I taught a few business classes my first year and am still listed as a business teacher on the website :)  I work with some awesome people! 

Me and the groom!  Jeff and I coached softball together for 2 years.  We had a dance off, there was so much dancing, that ended in a split pants situation. 

The wedding photographer was a cousin of the bride, Jodi, and she did an AMAZING job.  Unfortunately, she lives in Canada.  If she didn't you know I'd be hiring her to do some family pictures!!

It was one of the best weddings I've been to!  So much fun, at least what I can remember ;)

Congratulations to Maggie and Jeff!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

6 months

He weighed 20.6 pounds at his check-up! 

We started month 6 with a sick little baby.  It started with an eye cold (which I had never heard of) and moved to a chest cold.  We had one really bad night where he didn't sleep longer than 20 minutes so I took a day off of work to take him to the doctor.  We all caught it- Robert was the worst- but it passed and our happy baby came back! 

We started feeding him rice cereal last month, but he only really started eating it in the last week or so.  We think he's starting to get teeth because he's putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He's had a couple of bad days when we can tell he's in pain.  Nola's been very sympethetic and asks everyday if his teeth are here yet.  They still love each other very much!

And we love him too! 

He's able to roll both directions and is pretty good at sitting up on his own.  He's still waking up once (around 3 or 4) most nights to eat. 

Nola never really feel asleep while she was playing or eating, but Turk does!  One minute he's smiling and playing and the next he's passed out.  It's pretty cute :)


We've been swimming quite a bit and he loves the water!  I took the netting out of the baby bathtub because he's too big for it.  The first time I put him in it he started kicking like crazy!  It made a big mess.  He loves to kick in the tub and the pool! 

He's babbling, screaming, blowing raspberries, and recently found his tongue- and another boy body part.  He also likes to play with his feet/toes. 

Turk with Nola's favorite stuffed animal, Poy.

He's basically the best and I'm having a blast spending the summer with him!