Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nola's first dance recital!

We signed Nola up for dance this year.  She goes every Wednesday and I love that it gives me 50 minutes alone in the house :)  She goes back and forth about it.  Some days she can't wait to go, other days she throws a fit when I'm trying to get her changed into her hand-me-down leotards.  The whole thing is expensive so I was so thankful that some co-workers kept their daughters shoes and dance outfits.  There's also her costume, the dance t-shirts, and tights!  It's crazy, but I'm sure all activities are going to get more expensive as she grows up!

The theme of their recital was "Sea Us Dance" so her costume, naturally, was a sailor.  We went to the dress rehearsal the night before and she was pretty nervous.  She didn't really dance, just looked around on stage.  I was nervous that she would do the same thing at the recital but she did great!  It was funny because she was a nervous wreck about it all day.  Part of me thought she wouldn't go on stage but she did!

We invited family to come watch.  My mom came up and Robert's Dad and sister.  I waited to get ticket because I wasn't sure who wanted to come and ended up getting the very last row, there were a few rows behind us but nobody sat in them.  Next time I'll know to order them faster! 

Gramcy got her flowers.  She loved them.

After the recital we went to DQ to celebrate!  

Turk missed out on the recital and stayed at a friends house.  The whole dance experience has been good overall.  I think she really liked performing and I'm not surprised.  I've got her signed up for T-ball this summer and I'm selfishly hoping she likes that better, but I guess we'll see! 

Nola's dance photos :)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Christmas in Wichita

Oops- I thought I posted this!  Well..... here ya go.... two months later....

Two days after Christmas we packed up the car and drove down to Kansas to celebrate with family. We are so lucky that the kids are good in the car.  They're use to driving, both drive at least an hour a day for daycare (Turk drives 2!) so I think that's why they don't mind it.  We got down there around lunch time and then the girls hit the nail salon.  The next day we packed up a couple of cars and drove to Kansas City to see family.

We got to see my Grandparents, Aunt and cousins.  Plus my cousin's new baby boy :)  Turk was a little jealous when I was holding him.  At one point he crawled up my lap and kept scooting over until I had no more room for Miles.  Kids are funny! 

My Grandparents got the kids a few gifts including some money for Nola to spend at Target- she once told my Grandpa that Target was her favorite store! We didn't stay long but it was the first time we were all together in a while.  

It was a fun but very long day!  

 And this was Turk the next morning.  So cute! 

We had to wait to celebrate Christmas until John got into town, so Sara and I threw a LuLaRoe party!  We got to meet a few people and share our love of clothes.  Win win!  

We all spent a lot of time together, which was great.  We always have a good time laughing, playing games and....

My brother is the best bartender :)

After John got to town we were able to celebrate Christmas!  Nola was ecstatic, she even wrapped up a couple of her toys to give to people.  She's so thoughtful. 

Jessica and John took Nola to see Moana in-between their 5ks.

They ran one on midnight on New Year's Eve.  Robert and I kept them company at a bar near by unill they had to leave, then Kyle and Hannah joined us.  Not a crazy way to ring in 2017, but it was fun!!

We continued our terrible selfie taking skills the next day at another 5k.  Appropriately called The Hangover 5k.  We ran one together on our family Reycation over the summer so we thought we'd do it again. 

It was pretty much the same crew, I was technically John for the race.

We took a few pictures on the way to document my run.  I think I'm funny.  Really I just need an excuse to lay down every once and awhile. 

I got stopped when I crossed the finish line because they could tell I wasn't John!  The others bailed and left me all alone to possibly go to 5k jail!  But it turned out ok, they just wanted to get my real name so the times could be accurate.  In the end it was better for John, he didn't need a 45 minute 5k on his record....

It was such a fun time, like always!  The kids love it and I love spending time with my family!  We're all just pretty tired after a few fun filled days!!