Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Months 10 & 11

With a trip to Wichita, Nola's birthday celebrations, a hospital stay, and Halloween, I completely dropped the ball on a write up for month 10!!  Luckily, I did remember to take pictures!

It's so hard to take his picture for these things.  I have to push him down because he tries to crawl off the couch.  He thinks he's hilarious. 

As a 10 month old, Turk really started moving.  He is able to walk around holding furniture and is super close to walking on his own.

In September he started saying "mama" but it wasn't necessarily directed at me, but in the last month or so he is defiantly saying it to get my attention.  Often when he's crawling towards me or looking at me.  No "dada" yet....

In the last month he has gotten very good at moving the gate.  Robert made a gate when Nola started crawling to block off the area between the couch and the kitchen.  It worked well for her, she rarely tried to move it.  Turk busts out of it every chance he gets.  When he escapes I'll go after him and he tries to crawl as fast as he can, smiling the whole time.  It's pretty cute!

He's had a couple of bad weeks, sleeping wise.  I'm not sure if it's teeth or he's just lonely? He had three teeth pop through the top about a month ago and I just noticed a fourth the other day!  He's eating everything and loves it all.  He's able to feed himself finger food, I even caught him with a fry that he stole off of Nola's plate!

Nola and Turk are still buddies.  She's still picking him up more than I'd like :)  He bolts for her room any chance he gets.  The is the scene every morning.  Turk waiting for Nola to come out of her room.

I can't believe this sweet baby is going to be a year old in a month!  He's just the best. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016


We had a pretty fun Halloween with the kids!  Nola wanted to be Wonder Woman but when I found out a co-worker was selling a Super Girl costume for $5 I talked Nola into switching it up.  She was super excited to be Super Girl because Robert likes the show.  Anything for Daddy!!  I found a turkey costume online and had to get it for our little Turkey.

The week before Halloween we were driving home and Nola asked if we could go trick-or-treating downtown, they have an event every year where stores hand out candy.  It was that night and some of her friends we talking about it at school.  We decided to do it and ended up running into her friend.  Nola was sooooo excited.   She had fun but we will never do it again.  There were only a couple of stores still handing out candy when we got there and we had to wait in line to get it.  At least the weather was nice. 

We went to a Trunk or Treat for Nola's school the Sunday before Halloween.  It was fun, everyone loved the Turkey :)  They did a pizza party afterwards and Nola saw her teacher so it was pretty exciting stuff!!!

Nola wasn't feeling the photos.  Neither was Turk

After school on Halloween I took Nola over to the retirement home.  They hand out candy in the hallways.  We went up and down one of the three hallways but about halfway through the second one Nola looked into one of the rooms and saw the medical supplies.  She asked me if we were in a hospital and I told her it was kind of like a hospital.  At that moment she was ready to leave.  She didn't throw a fit or anything, just told me she wanted to go, so we left.  I think the hospital stay shook her up a bit!

We did a little trick-or-treating when the boys got home.  The four of us went together on our street then I stayed home with Turk while Robert took Nola to a few more houses.  Nola didn't seem quite as excited about it as she was last year (maybe she was over Halloween, I know I was by this point!), but she still had fun!

Our neighbor, Tina

 Guess what Turk is wearing for Thanksgiving....

Gobble, gobble.