Thursday, January 7, 2016

All about Turk

I finally had time to sit down and write about Turk's birth!

I went into labor with Nola naturally, but decided to get induced with Turk for several reasons.  The main was that it was just easier to plan it so that my parents could come up and stay with Nola.  We also have a lot to celebrate during the month of December, so I wanted to make sure he had his own day.  We picked the 10th, which was the day before our five year wedding anniversary.  The day before the induction I got a special surprise by my very romantic husband.  It started with the head speech coach (I'm the assistant) asking me to go over a script in my office.  We read though a very funny script he had written about a girl trying to find love who ends up speed dating (that's how I met Robert).  Towards the end of the script Robert came into my office and played one of the speed daters.  I was so surprised!  He gave me a mother's ring and took me out for dinner and a movie.  It was very sweet and a great way to celebrate our anniversary a few days early!

The day of Turk's birth was pretty uneventful- except for the fact that it ended with a new human.   We had to be at the hospital at 6 so Robert's sister spent the night so that my parent's didn't have to wake up super early.  We got to the hospital and they got me all set up.  I barely slept the night before and was too nervous to eat much in the morning. 

Ready to meet this kid!

The IV took three tries and the epidural took two, apparently I got stuck with all of the new people.  I almost passed out after the second attempt at the IV, no sleep and an empty stomach were mostly to blame.  Then, about an hour before he was born my epidural stopped working, so I got to feel everything!  There was a lot of screaming, but luckily it went quick! 

Turk Howard Danner
Born December 10, 2015 at 4:15 pm
9 lbs 2 oz, 20 3/4 inches long

We had more trouble naming him then we did with Nola.  Nola's middle name is Jane, which is a family name on Robert's side, so we wanted to use a family name on my side for one of his names.  My name requirements have always been that it needs to be easy to say when read and easy to spell when heard.  I also like unique, shorter names.  Turk is my Grandmother's maiden name and fit my requirements.  Robert wasn't so sure about it but came around about a month before he was born.  Because it was my first choice, I told Robert he could pick the middle name and the night before his birth he decided on Howard, which is a family name on his dad's side.  I think it's a good, strong name with a fun nickname (Nola calls him Turkey).

Nola was SOOOOO excited to meet her little brother.  She came up with my parents the day after he was born to meet him.  She giggled a lot, just laughed and laughed.  It was pretty cute.

Robert's family also came to visit!

The hospital stay was really nice.  When it's your second kid they kind of leave you alone.  We didn't mind, plus they had a hot turkey sandwich that was delicious!  We stayed two nights (it was a very romantic anniversary) and headed home Saturday afternoon. 

Heading home!

It's been almost a month and we are getting the hang of our new family of four.  Nola is still in love and so are we!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Break

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

We celebrated a couple of times, and I did a terrible job taking pictures at all of them.  The first was on Christmas Eve with Robert's family.  Nola asked Santa for a couple of My Little Pony dolls and two different Aurora dolls.  Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa got her the MLP dolls.  She was pretty excited about the presents, in fact she had a hard time sitting through dinner before hand. 

Once the family left, we wrote a letter to Santa and set out Oreo balls and grapes (we didn't have any carrots, did you know reindeer like grapes!?!).  Nola went to bed pretty quickly and woke up around 8 ready for more presents!  Santa pulled through with one of the Aurora dolls but in the end she seemed to like one of Turk's toys best.

After our little Christmas we packed up and headed to Wichita to celebrate with my family.  We were there for a week and had a great time.  It was nice having extra hands helping with the kids.  It was also the first time my siblings met Turk.

During our trip we celebrated Christmas,

She was upset that she had to take turns opening presents.

attended a baby shower for a high school friend,

introduced Turk to my Grandparents,

Grandma and Turk

went to a painting class with my mom, sisters, and brother's new (and fabulous) girlfriend,

and rang in the New Year with a family game of Poker- what a difference a year makes.

We also shopped, saw Sisters, laughed, watched Fixer Upper, and ate LOTS of food.

It was a nice trip and made me wish we lived closer to my family!