Saturday, March 19, 2016

3 & 53

Turk is 3 months old!  If I had to sum up the last four weeks it would be, "the month Nola wouldn't leave Turk alone." She's still in love, which is still so cute.

Turk continues to grow. He is a very mellow baby.  He is very happy in the swing, the bouncer, or in my arms.

He's eating well and is still a pretty okish sleeper. He actually slept from 12 to 6 the other night- nothing wakes you up faster than a baby who sleeps longer than usual!!  I just put all of his newborn/0-3 month clothes away and got out the 3-6 month stuff :(

I'm kinda obsessed with is bald spot. He's just SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!

And my 53 month old child is pretty cute too. 

She's kind of a ham.  Not sure where she gets it.