Sunday, December 11, 2016


I'm so thankful for these people!!!

It's so hard to get a good picture with a 5 year old and a turkey.

We spent Thanksgiving in Lincoln and celebrated with Robert's family.  They rented a hotel room which worked out well because Nola wasn't feeling great.  She was sick all day on Wednesday- she slept all day- then on Thursday she was still pretty tired.  She spent most of the dinner laying in the hotel bed but seemed to feel better that night. 

Turk loved the mac and cheese.  I just think it's so funny to watch babies eat.  At one point he was trying to eat macaroni off of his wrist, he was just trying to get it in his mouth as fast as possible.  He's pretty cute.

I had to take advantage of the turkey costume.  Nola helped me set the table and keep him still so that  we could get some pictures.


We stayed the night in Lincoln and did some Black Friday shopping!  It was a nice little break!

Now it's on to December... a month of birthdays, anniversaries, the end of a semester and CHRISTMAS!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Months 10 & 11

With a trip to Wichita, Nola's birthday celebrations, a hospital stay, and Halloween, I completely dropped the ball on a write up for month 10!!  Luckily, I did remember to take pictures!

It's so hard to take his picture for these things.  I have to push him down because he tries to crawl off the couch.  He thinks he's hilarious. 

As a 10 month old, Turk really started moving.  He is able to walk around holding furniture and is super close to walking on his own.

In September he started saying "mama" but it wasn't necessarily directed at me, but in the last month or so he is defiantly saying it to get my attention.  Often when he's crawling towards me or looking at me.  No "dada" yet....

In the last month he has gotten very good at moving the gate.  Robert made a gate when Nola started crawling to block off the area between the couch and the kitchen.  It worked well for her, she rarely tried to move it.  Turk busts out of it every chance he gets.  When he escapes I'll go after him and he tries to crawl as fast as he can, smiling the whole time.  It's pretty cute!

He's had a couple of bad weeks, sleeping wise.  I'm not sure if it's teeth or he's just lonely? He had three teeth pop through the top about a month ago and I just noticed a fourth the other day!  He's eating everything and loves it all.  He's able to feed himself finger food, I even caught him with a fry that he stole off of Nola's plate!

Nola and Turk are still buddies.  She's still picking him up more than I'd like :)  He bolts for her room any chance he gets.  The is the scene every morning.  Turk waiting for Nola to come out of her room.

I can't believe this sweet baby is going to be a year old in a month!  He's just the best. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016


We had a pretty fun Halloween with the kids!  Nola wanted to be Wonder Woman but when I found out a co-worker was selling a Super Girl costume for $5 I talked Nola into switching it up.  She was super excited to be Super Girl because Robert likes the show.  Anything for Daddy!!  I found a turkey costume online and had to get it for our little Turkey.

The week before Halloween we were driving home and Nola asked if we could go trick-or-treating downtown, they have an event every year where stores hand out candy.  It was that night and some of her friends we talking about it at school.  We decided to do it and ended up running into her friend.  Nola was sooooo excited.   She had fun but we will never do it again.  There were only a couple of stores still handing out candy when we got there and we had to wait in line to get it.  At least the weather was nice. 

We went to a Trunk or Treat for Nola's school the Sunday before Halloween.  It was fun, everyone loved the Turkey :)  They did a pizza party afterwards and Nola saw her teacher so it was pretty exciting stuff!!!

Nola wasn't feeling the photos.  Neither was Turk

After school on Halloween I took Nola over to the retirement home.  They hand out candy in the hallways.  We went up and down one of the three hallways but about halfway through the second one Nola looked into one of the rooms and saw the medical supplies.  She asked me if we were in a hospital and I told her it was kind of like a hospital.  At that moment she was ready to leave.  She didn't throw a fit or anything, just told me she wanted to go, so we left.  I think the hospital stay shook her up a bit!

We did a little trick-or-treating when the boys got home.  The four of us went together on our street then I stayed home with Turk while Robert took Nola to a few more houses.  Nola didn't seem quite as excited about it as she was last year (maybe she was over Halloween, I know I was by this point!), but she still had fun!

Our neighbor, Tina

 Guess what Turk is wearing for Thanksgiving....

Gobble, gobble.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Nola's first hospital stay

The Saturday before Nola's birthday (Chuck E Cheese party day) Nola woke up with a lip.  She didn't complain of it hurting, she just wasn't walking normally.  We asked her about it but figured she had just bumped it at school and she would be fine.  When I picked her up from school on Monday they told me that it had gotten worse throughout the day, so I decided to make a doctor's appointment for Tuesday.  I was trying to avoid that because I didn't want her to have to go to the doctor on her birthday, but I really thought they would just tell me she bruised it and it would heal itself.  I made the appointment for after school so she wouldn't miss any of her birthday festivities! 

We drove straight from school to the doctor in David City.  Dr. Summers examined her knee and decided to get an X-ray because it was a bit swollen.  So, we went back to get her first X-ray.  She did a great job and thought it was pretty cool.  When the X-rays came back normal, the doctor decided to get some blood work done.  Nola had a slight fever and her knee was warm to the touch, so he was worried that there might be an infection.  A nurse came in and took blood through a finger poke.  Nola was not happy about that.  It was heart breaking, at one point she asked me why we had to do this on her birthday, I felt terrible but still thought we would be home to celebrate soon. 

The blood work came back with high counts of white blood cells which aligned with the doctors' fear that the joint was infected.  He called down to Children's Hospital in Omaha to get a second opinion then came in to tell us that we should go down there immediately.  Ummm, excuse me?  He explained that if it was an infected joint then the infection could start breaking down the cartilage and cartilage can't be repaired so she would have chronic pain in her knee.  Children's hospital had more resources to diagnose it and figure out treatment.  I don't remember the specifics of that conversation but I'm pretty sure I said "but it's her birthday" about a hundred times.  We went home to pack a bag and wait for Robert and Turk.  Luckily, our neighbor was more than happy to take Turk for the night, so we loaded up and drove an hour to Omaha and checked into the emergency room. 

Nola got "a few" stickers from Dr. Summers, so when they asked her to put on a gown she wanted to take the stickers off of her shirt and put them on the gown.  Daddy told her she could move one, luckily Mommy was able to get them all off together- that still counts as one, right? 

Showing off her stickers, still in good spirits.  

While we were waiting we told everyone it was her birthday.  Nurses, and even the helicopter pilot, brought her stickers to add to her collection.  One of the nurses even brought her a brand new Candy Land game! 

When the ER doctor came in she did an examination and right away said that she didn't think it was an infection.  Nola was moving around on it too well, she said most kids wouldn't be able to walk.  So they did another X-ray and then said they needed more blood.  They knew she might need an IV so they tried to do that first but it didn't work, so they just took blood- if you're keeping count, that's 3 pokes.  She got poked so much more the next couple of days :(  Blood work showed that, again, white blood cells were high.  Doctors were confused because the physical exam wasn't matching the lab work (according to the lab work, she shouldn't be able to walk around) so they called in the bone doctor.  The bone doctor extracted fluid from her knee (another poke) and said immediately that it was infected.  He told us that she would need to go to the OR immediately to get her knee flushed out, so 20 minutes later we were holding her down to get an IV in, it took two tries :(  and just before midnight on her 5th birthday she was in her first surgery.

The surgery didn't last too long but by the time we were able to see her it was almost 1 am.  Fun birthday, huh?  We were shown to a short stay room that really wasn't too bad.  There was a couch that laid out into a queen sized bed and a recliner.  

The doctors said that it was infected and that she just must be a tough kid, which is why she could move around so well.  The next two days would basically be a waiting game.  We were waiting to see if bacteria would grow on a culture and what kind of bacteria to see how to treat it.  In the mean time she was getting her antibiotics through IV.  She was still pretty drugged up the day after the surgery and wasn't really awake until the afternoon.  Robert had bought a cake on the way home to celebrate her birthday and it was still in the car so I went to a near by toy store and bought her some activities she could do in the hospital.  I dropped the cake off at the nurses station and asked if they would come in and sing to her.  A few minutes later about 6 of them came in singing with the cake, a balloon, and a couple of presents.  It was very sweet but I think she was overwhelmed by it all. 

This is when they came in, she was still a little groggy. 

The next day she was more herself.  She was walking around a bunch and was soooooo excited when Robert's mom and sister brought Turk up to visit.  She was missing him quite a bit.

They stayed until her evening IV treatment.  When the nurses started it they realized the IV had gone bad which meant taking it out and putting another one in.  By this time she was over all of it and so tired. She fought us hard the whole time and at one point screamed, "it feels like scissors" which broke my heart.  After that ordeal she passed out.

The next morning at 6 they drew blood again (it took 2 tries) to see if the white blood cell count had gone down.  The doctor came in and said that everything looked great and we should be able to go home after she takes one dose of her antibiotics orally.  We were able to try at 2 and she threw a fit.  She spit out the first half and we ended up having to hold her down to get her to take the second half.  Because she spit out half of it the doctor said that we had to stay and try again at 8.  Then she said that if Nola couldn't take all of it at 8 she would have to get a tube placed in her nose to her stomach so she could take it that way.  Because she would have to have that done in the OR they wouldn't be able to do it until Monday, which would mean spending the weekend in the hospital. 

We spent the next 6 hours talking to Nola about how important it was that she take all of her medicine at 8.  She wanted to go home, we wanted to go home, and everyone was missing Turk.  Luckily, the thought of not seeing Turk for two more days was enough for her to be brave and swallow all of it.  We were out the door a few minutes later.  Nola got to ride to the car in the wagon and thought that was pretty cool! 

Bacteria didn't grow on the culture, which is pretty common- according to the doctor.  He said that it was an infection, but with no bacteria we don't know exactly what kind caused it.  If we knew what kind we might be able to determine where it came from.  His guess is that it came in from a cut somewhere on the body and made it's way to her knee.  He said that a child's knee joint is so small that it probably got caught there and started to grow.  Apparently it's not uncommon in children (although more common in the hip) and they see about 1 case per week.
We are so thankful for everyone that called, texted, and commented.   And especially thankful for our neighbors and families.  Our neighbors watched Turk the first night and following day until Robert's mom and sister came up and took over.  Then my mom drove up on Friday to watch him and stayed through the weekend so I could take a nap :) 

When we got home the house was decorated for Nola's birthday (curtesy of Mary and Jennie) and Nola's teacher sent cards from her class and the daycare kids.  My brother and sister-in-law sent a "box of sunshine" which Nola loved (she loves anything from Hannah), and my sister sent us some Nothing Bunt Cakes which I loved (I love anything with the word "cake" in it).

 I know that we are very lucky that it wasn't anything serious and that our hospital stay wasn't longer.  I also know that while it was hard to be there on her birthday it's probably not something she's going to remember and like much of the last week, it was much harder on me than it was one her.   I'm just glad we have that "first" out of the way!