Monday, March 30, 2015


The Columbus Public School Foundation had an art auction in the Fall.  I donated a custom piece of furniture like I have in other auctions.  Some of the money raised ended up coming right back to our department so it worked out well!  The woman that won wanted a desk for her daughter.  I love the way the top turned out! 

If you are interested in getting something custom painted, visit for details and pricing. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Spring Break was last week and we had a special guest!  Jessica came to visit from Pittsburgh!  

We spent a few days lying around, watching The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit (highly recommended), eating several desserts, going to a hockey game, and Facetiming John.  

She got trapped in the beer cooler :)

Nola LOVES John.  At one point she took the phone in her room while he was on Facetime and did who knows what.  We heard a lot of laughing.  I'm sure it was a pretty fun time for John, she doesn't really get Facetime so it was  probably a lot of looking at the ceiling.

We went to Paint Yourself Silly on Sunday and watched Nola paint a ceramic cat.  She was pretty excited and gave it a mustache.  She didn't paint very long, but I think she had a good time. 

We had a great time.  It wasn't a crazy spring break, but let's be honest.... I'm too old for that.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Two fun weekends!

Our last two weekends were full of fun! We....

1. Went to the casinos with some of Robert's friends!  After my success in Vegas, I decided to try Craps again.  They didn't have the video version, so I had to be brave and play at a table.  We had a lot of fun, and only lost a little bit of money :)

2. Had a staycation in Lincoln!  After a late night at the casino we decided to stay in Lincoln.  Nola and I shopped a bit on Saturday and because we had to be back on Sunday for a birthday party we stayed on Saturday too.  Nola had fun hanging out in the hotel room and enjoyed her own bed.  She also made a little spot in the nightstand where her stuffed animals slept. 

3. Went to a birthday party!  Robert's friend from high school has a son Nola's age and a boy who just turned one.  We went to an indoor playground to help Henry celebrate.  Nola had a blast, even though she managed to get herself locked in the baby area twice.  

4.  Got our nails done!  It was Nola's first time for a manicure and she cracked me up the whole time.  She told the lady that she had 5 boyfriends and smudged her nails when she started dancing to the music.  She had a lot of fun and ended up with some glittery, pink nails.

5.  Went to a Frozen tea party!  A restaurant in Columbus had a Frozen themed tea party and Nola got to go with her aunts- I was at a speech meet.  She met Ana and Elsa- who are both students of mine- and ate Olaf cupcakes and Sven sandwiches.  Her aunts said that she was the only girl dressed as Ana and she had a blast.

6.  Went to another birthday party!  This was a party for one of my friends and was not at an indoor playground.  Fun was had by all.

7. Went to the park!  I'm so excited that the weather is getting nicer, and Nola is too.  We went to the park on Sunday then had an ice cream cone.  It's good to know that Nola still LOVES sand.  Is it summer yet? 

Our fun times are just beginning because Spring Break starts in two days!  Nola doesn't know it yet, but we have a very special visitor coming....