Friday, July 29, 2016

Butler County Fair and Parade

The Butler County Fair was last weekend and it's just a block away.  We enjoyed the fireworks from our living room on Thursday and went to the fair on Saturday.  It was HOT!!!

Nola loves the rides.  She was tall enough to ride some of the bigger rides this year.  She rode the spinning thing and the bumper cars with Robert.  Turk and I just watched.

We played a few games and explored the buildings. 

One of the buildings had faceprinting and we got there just in time.  We only waited a few minutes and by the time we were done there were 15 kids in line. 

This was the first time she's ever let someone paint her face.  It was really cute, but she wiped her face a few minutes after and smeared it.  Then I had to wash it off in the bath and OMG.  That kid is a DRAMA QUEEN!!!

The parade was Sunday and we thought it would be fun to be in it!  Robert wants to do more work in the DC area, so it was great free advertising.  Robert's family came up to help out and a couple of my friends came down from Columbus to help hand out flyers.  

Nola, Robert, and Jennie threw out candy from the bed of the truck while we passed out flyers.  Now that we know how the whole parade thing works, I think we might attach the flyers to the candy next year.  I was walking real fast to keep up!  We ran out of flyers about 3/4 of the way through.  We made 400!  

Nola wanted to wear a princess dress.  Why not?  Every parade needs a princess. 

Click here for last year's fair fun and here for the year before.  Another successful and HOTTTT fair/parade!  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

7 Months

Another month down with this sweet little boy.


7 months!  It's crazy.  

He loves the bouncer.  When I put him in it the first time he could barely touch the ground.  Now when he stands he has to bend his knees to stay in it. 

He started eating vegetables, we started him with carrots.  He just recently got the hang of opening his mouth and swallowing.  It's kind of a mess so I hold his hands down when I'm feeding him.  It works for now but probably not for long! 


He's sleeping through the night (mostly).  He normally falls asleep around 8 then wakes up at midnight.  He's up for the day around 7.  He takes a shorter nap in the morning and a long one in the afternoon.  He often falls asleep when I'm feeding him so try to get a lot of snuggles in! 

He's sitting up really well.  He's toppled over a few times and often lunges for things that are WAY out of reach.  I haven't felt any teeth yet, but it sure seems like he's teething. 

Nola's still loving Turkey.  She makes him laugh all the time!  He laughs when she says, "Chug-a, chug-a, choo, choo, chee, chee!".  I don't know where it came from but he sure thinks it's funny! 


Aunt Jennie took this picture for Grandpa for a Father's Day gift.  Don't mind the crazy person behind the tool bench. 

He's such a happy baby.  It always looks like he's flirting, which is adorable.  Also, his bald spot is growing in!  

Such a flirt.  I'm so glad I'm his favorite!

It is getting harder to take his monthly pictures.  I remember around this time with Nola, when these things start to move there really is no stopping them! 

Ok, bye!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Reycation 2016

My family lives all over, so we try to get together over the summer.  Last year we went to Minnesota, this year we headed to Chicago.   I've never been so I was looking forward to it!  With so many of us (10 adults, 2 kids) it's hard to plan stuff.  Luckily, my little sister took charge and planned some fun things for us to do! 

We went on a pizza tour (Rob's favorite) on the first day.  It was a bus tour that took us around to 4 different places.  All of them were delicious!!

The tour guy was funny, in my pizzapinion :)  

Then we walked around the city until our show started.  We went to #dateme, a Second City show.  It was sooooo funny!  It was written by the star of the show who made 38 fake profiles and put them on Ok Cupid.  The profiles were all rediculous (think crazy cat lady) but she still got a lot of messages.  All of the stories she told were true and taken directly from profiles and emails she received.  She even projected the real screen names.  So funny!  

The next day was the 4th of July.  My younger sister, Jessica, and her husband John like to try to run a race when they are in a new place.  I signed up with the intention of walking it with my mom but she backed out.  I wasn't going to do it but Jessica said she would walk it with me.  I'm glad she did, it was a lot of fun!  I decided to document it on social media.  

Since mom registered but didn't run she had a number.  I put it on my back.  She finished just after I did. 

At one point I told a worker that this was turning more into a pictorial essay than it was a race.  He didn't get, maybe he doesn't follow me on Instagram?!?!

The house we rented had a pool so we spent the rest of the day out there and ate and drank and laughed.  Then we went to a fireworks show in the neighborhood. 

Nola got a light-up sword thing from Aunt Jessica.  It's such a fun toy to have at home with a baby...... at least it doesn't make noise! 

The next day we went to a Cubs game and then went to The Book of Mormon- hilarious! 

I heard the show was a little outrageous, but didn't know anything about the story.  It was so good, I've had one of the songs in my head since I saw it! 

The next day we drove the 8 hour trip home- it took 10.  It was such a sort trip, but we had a lot of fun family time!  Some other highlights:

The house we rented had a lot of buddha statues.

Most of my family in front of the bean!  Rob and I didn't make it there, I guess we'll have to go back!

Some Turk time.  Uncle John met him for the first time on this trip!

I also got to see a college friend who lives in Chicago!  We ate lunch at, you guessed it, a pizzeria! 

Looking forward to the next #reycation!!