Saturday, December 19, 2015

Family Photos

We take family photos in the Fall every year.  Last year we had them taken in Columbus.  This year we found a photographer who lives in town and her family has a farm.  It made for some awesome backdrops!  Nola was crazy as usual, but the faces she made in some of these pictures are hilarious!  I love the way they turned out.  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2nd Pregnancy

We have two kids!  Turk Howard Danner was born last week.  I'll post about all of that fun stuff later, but I wanted to write a little bit about my pregnancy with him so I wouldn't forget.  

4 months

This pregnancy was completely different than the first one.  It was a doozy.  I was nauseous pretty much the whole time but especially the first few months.  I actually lost 12 pounds the first trimester because eating was such a chore.  Nothing sounded good, I had no cravings and most of the time I had to force myself to eat. 

5 months

I also pulled a muscle in my leg rolling over while I was sleeping (because I'm super athletic) and it never seemed to heal.  I blame loose ligaments.  That was probably the most annoying part of the last few months.  After sitting for a long period of time it was extremely painful to get up and move.  I'm happy to report that it feels much better now! 

6 months

My other big complaint was my lower back.  I think I carried him more towards my back, that plus the fact that I was coaching this time around made me have quite a few back spasms throughout this pregnancy.  I had one really bad one the last week of school while I was giving a lecture.  I had to keep teaching through it and it almost killed me.  Students are funny, they were very worried about me going into labor at school so I didn't think it would be a good idea to stop.  The last few months I was never too far away from my heating pad.

8 months

Turk was definitely a mover.  He moved differently than Nola.  Nola kicked but Turk was more of a roller.  He was most active during my plan period when I would finally have a chance to sit down.  He also had the hiccups A LOT!  Not only was he further back than Nola, he was also a lot lower.  Those kicks to the bladder were pretty intense! 

9 months
Nola was very helpful during my pregnancy (expect when I wanted to take this picture!).  She was constantly commenting about how big my tummy was and asking to kiss the baby.  She only asked me once how the baby was getting out and we managed to distract her enough for her to forget her question :)  Robert was also very helpful.  He was very nice about bringing home food that sounded good and letting me relax on the weekends.  

The Saturday after Thanksgiving I thought my water broke.  It was late at night so I stayed up getting my sub plans organized.  We called our neighbor in the morning to come over and watch Nola and headed to Columbus.  We stopped at school to get my sub stuff out then headed to the hospital.  They ran some tests and determined that I was not in labor.  It's apparently pretty common, but I was a little embarrassed!  Other than that there were no other surprise hospital visits or false alarms. 

Before heading to the hospital to be induced! 

Overall, I'm glad it's over!  Almost immediately I've noticed how nice it is to have my body back to myself again.  I'm not sure if another baby is in my future, so it's a little sad to think that I might never be pregnant again.  But because this one wasn't as fun as the first I think I could be ok with that.  

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Santa, take 4

Our trips to visit Santa have never gone as planned- last year, two years ago.  Nola's a little scared of Santa, but at least we're still able to get some cute pictures.  She was better this year so hopefully next year will be easy.

There's a bank in Lincoln that has Santa Saturdays in December.  There's no line and it's free... perfect!  Nola wrote him a letter and gave it to him.  It included some toys that she wanted as well as warning him that we would be serving Oreos and Apple Juice this year.  Santa was totally on board with the Oreos, not so sure about the Apple Juice. 

The bank also has a Christmas tree that provides a great backdrop for holiday pictures. 

We spent the rest of the day shopping to get ready for baby and guess what?!?!  We ran into Santa again at Walmart!

Nola's lucky he didn't follow us to Target or else she would be on the naughty list for sure.  It was definitely the biggest public meltdown to date  :(