Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My two Dads

I feel like that's the title of an old movie?  I'm sure it's the title of several college admission essays.  Anyway, Father's Day was last week and I have two amazing Dads in my life.

My Dad is awesome.  He is smart and successful- although I have no idea what he does for a living.  He's also pretty funny, outgoing, and Justin Timberlake's biggest fan :)

He taught me a lot about standing up for myself, treating people with respect and how to throw a changeup.  

Nola is lucky to have a pretty amazing Dad too.  

Robert loves her so much and she adores him.  Our Father's Day was pretty low-key.  We gave Rob some pasta sauce from Buca de Beppo, one of his favorite restaurants.  

Nola and I are so lucky to have these two Dads in our lives!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Jessica's bridal weekend!!!

My little sister is getting married!!

Look how cute she is!

We had a bachelorette party and bridal shower for her in Dallas a couple of weeks ago.  My sisters, mom and I arrived Wednesday night and got to spend Thursday together before everyone else got into town. It was a fun day of shopping (duh), eating (duh), and drinking (duuuuuhhhh).  I think we all left with a few dresses over our arm and margaritas in our belly.

Friday night was a trip to the nail salon and the bachelorette party.  We had a s'mores bar in the hotel room and then went to a piano bar.  The piano bar was so much fun!  Jessica had a blast!

Isn't she just adorable...

On Saturday we had a bridal shower then hit up Ikea.  The rest of the girls went out Saturday night with the bride-to-be but my twin sister, mom and I decided to go shopping again instead.  We ended the night with some amazing Mexican food and margaritas.  

One of the funniest moments was our first meal in Dallas at a place called The Magic Time Machine.  This place is crazy weird.  The waiters dress in character and there are different rooms with crazy decorations.  They also take your picture and when they gave it back to us they had switched the faces. I don't know why, but I thought this was hilarious.

It still makes me laugh.  

It was a really fun weekend and I know Jessica had a blast!  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

That's what she said

Nola: I'm Queen Nola!
Me: What does Queen Nola do?
Nola: Eats chocolate cookies!

Nola: (laying in my bed, reaches under the pillow and shows me her pinched fingers) Look, a coin!
Me: Where did that come from?
Nola: The tooth fairy!

Nola: Mommy, the ball is under the couch.
Me: Oh no!  What should we do?
Nola: Call Mr. Toodles! (a Mickey Mouse Club House reference)

Nola and I were shopping and stopped for ice cream.  Nola wanted pink ice cream so I got her strawberry and got myself chocolate.  Nola asked for a bite of mine so I gave her some.  She sat quietly for a minute then said, "How about you eat the pink one and I'll eat the brown one?"

Nola: (After watching a cat food commercial) I wish I had a kitty.

We were pulling into the garage with the radio on.  When I turned the car off she said, "Mommy, that was a greaaat song!"

While trying on sunglasses, Nola looked in the mirror and said, "This is fantastic!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer To Do List

Every year I like to make a Summer To Do List.  Crossing off finished projects makes me feel accomplished and like I didn't waste 2 months laying around.  I never wrote a post about the things I got to cross off from last years list because, honestly, I didn't finish most of them.  I'm hoping to finish more this year but doing things around the house is a lot harder when you're watching a toddler! 

Why this might happen: Peer pressure?  I feel like everyone I've talked to is more concerned about this than I am.  I know she won't be in diapers forever, I figure she'll do it when she's ready.  But I also know that having the summer off is a great advantage and I shouldn't waste it.

Why this might not happen: She hates the toilet and doesn't seem interested at all.

Why this might happen: I have 4 things to paint (so far) and 3 of them need to be done ASAP.  Nola is going to daycare every Tuesday to give me some time to work, so I'm pretty confident that I can get it done.

Why this might not happen: Three will get done for sure, the fourth may not depending on time.

Primed and ready to paint!

Why this might happen: I've been going to the gym since we joined in January and cleaned up my eating a bit.  I'm hoping having more time to cook and all of the yummy fruit will help keep me on track.  I also just started boot camp and it's killer.  

Why this might not happen:  I love food and hate working out.

Why this might happen: I want to paint the front door, take out some bushes and put a patio in.  Painting the door will be pretty easy the rest will take some time and maybe some help from my Dad!

Why this might not happen: Robert had surgery on his leg and will be wheelchair bound for most of the summer so my handy man will be out of commission for most of my break.  I've never done landscaping before so doing on my own will be a challenge.

We tore out the bushed in the front and I'm planning on pulling the stumps out and putting a patio where the rocks are.

Why this might happen: I just wanted to put something on the list that I knew I'd complete.

Why this might not happen: It will.  TV always happens.

Why this might happen: We still have a lot of big projects to finish.  The garage might get done this summer because it's a smaller projects.

Why this might not happen: Again, my handy man can't help.  I just want to get this stuff done!!