Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nola's first dance recital!

We signed Nola up for dance this year.  She goes every Wednesday and I love that it gives me 50 minutes alone in the house :)  She goes back and forth about it.  Some days she can't wait to go, other days she throws a fit when I'm trying to get her changed into her hand-me-down leotards.  The whole thing is expensive so I was so thankful that some co-workers kept their daughters shoes and dance outfits.  There's also her costume, the dance t-shirts, and tights!  It's crazy, but I'm sure all activities are going to get more expensive as she grows up!

The theme of their recital was "Sea Us Dance" so her costume, naturally, was a sailor.  We went to the dress rehearsal the night before and she was pretty nervous.  She didn't really dance, just looked around on stage.  I was nervous that she would do the same thing at the recital but she did great!  It was funny because she was a nervous wreck about it all day.  Part of me thought she wouldn't go on stage but she did!

We invited family to come watch.  My mom came up and Robert's Dad and sister.  I waited to get ticket because I wasn't sure who wanted to come and ended up getting the very last row, there were a few rows behind us but nobody sat in them.  Next time I'll know to order them faster! 

Gramcy got her flowers.  She loved them.

After the recital we went to DQ to celebrate!  

Turk missed out on the recital and stayed at a friends house.  The whole dance experience has been good overall.  I think she really liked performing and I'm not surprised.  I've got her signed up for T-ball this summer and I'm selfishly hoping she likes that better, but I guess we'll see! 

Nola's dance photos :)

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